Saturday, December 7, 2013

Cold Lampin' with Flavor

Eggbeaters are not cool. That is just fact. After all they are a liquid egg product.  How cool could they be. Was I ever cool?  I did get a wild hair and purchased the Southwestern Style version and then I had my theme.  I like themes to food. For me, it helps to dumb down the process needed to make a dish, especially breakfast.

If you already know you're going for a Southwestern leaning then the red peppers, onions and jalapeno are easy choices along with a little tomato avocado relish.
Since I had about three pounds of mushrooms left over from Thanksgiving, I threw those in too but chopped very small. You know, like they do in the South West.  I'm still not cool and neither is this no-fat breakfast but at least it had lots of flavor.

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