Saturday, February 9, 2013

Good Times, These are the Good Times

My 51st bday. Woke up, looked out the window. Miserable gloomy day. Perfect! I love hangin' on the couch in my clown clothes, big fluffy robe and a blanket for extree security on days like this. Not a problem for me to just be. I'm grateful for so many things and not even depressed about the age thing. It's just a number.

Like 67, as in 67 Burger here in Fort Greene! I was granted any request for food in any burrough. Even though I know he would sit uncomfortably and awkwardly try to make real conversation with me, P was willing to take me to any nice restaurant of my choosing.

With the snow and cold though, my true wish was to just have a relaxed comfortable warm day and food brought right to me. These are exceptional burgers and so many enticing combos to choose from. I went for the Ranch; ranch dressing, homemade crispy onions, and your choice of cheese. P got the Southwestern; homemade chipotle mayo, roasted peppers, tomatoes, scallions, and pepper jack cheese. Huge. Size does matter. All the right accompaniments. Award winning fries.

Best 51st birthday yet!

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