Monday, February 4, 2013

It's Good to Be King

Michael at work, (I can use his real name because there are about 50 of them all named Michael and even if I narrowed it down by saying 'gay Michael' which is probably insulting to some so I won't, still leaves about 10 possibilities), well anyway he tells me about his cooking experiments sometimes when we get lucky enough to have a lunch break together. He always starts off with great ingredients and I feel him but he also always keeps going a little well, maybe a Lot too far, adding a long list of odd extras that have no business in the dish just maybe something he had on hand. Then I have to make that face. Oooh, no, no, no! But I love to hear his stories and often don't end up saying one word through lunch. He tends to talk in run on sentences that lead to other stories until all the threads are going in several different directions. I try sometimes to lure him back to the original subject if it was interesting. Other times I just let him riff endlessly. Everything usually ends in me looking a pictures of his cat on his Iphone. We only get a half an hour to eat and I take the entire allotment just to chew my food, so I don't mind just sitting and listening. Not that I could get a word in edgewise.

I can certainly relate to mish-mashes of all sorts when it comes to bad food pairings. But once in awhile I'll make a completely balanced plate with all sides complimenting the main. It's a lot harder to do than I ever imagined, especially with no training. It's like Tom Petty said, 'If you think this (songwriting) is so easy, you try doing it'.

This was one of those times! Braised BBQ pork country ribs with pineapple salsa and wild rice with wilted baby spinach.

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