Thursday, September 7, 2023

This Could Be the Last Time

Home Alone
When I'm all alone and can make any snack or meal just for me, I usually won't take the time to make it look appealing.  More often, I eat over the stove or even from the pot, like a drunken bachelor.  I'll eat bad food from back in the 60's when I was a latch key kid.  Ravioli from a can for example.  This behavior screams of all kinds of psychological trauma, so I ignore it. But occasionally I do make something just for me and just the way I like it.  Like these simple cheese and jalapeno nachos with homemade hot sauce.
and this fresh tomato skinny pasta below 
I think both things are good for a person.  Here and there we should eat as though we are the least important person on earth but once in a while, treat ourselves to something nice when alone because it could always be the last meal we enjoy.  We are made in God's image so we must be worth at least that little bit of effort. 

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