Saturday, September 9, 2023

There's No Place That I Want To Be

Somewhere else
P takes trips and sends me odd pictures from the road.  Of course I want to resent him. I stay and work but secretly, I'm pretty happy.  I love to be together but I also love to spend time alone.  I'm a lone wolf by nature and need time to recoup, refresh and reboot.  My only problem has been, I tend to revert to my uncultivated core and live like a caveman when solo.  Or worse, stay in a state of anal anxiety, aware of any tiny mess I make and immediately clean up, unable to relax and enjoy the apartment.   But more recently, I've begun to understand we only have this one life to live.  There will not be another round.  This has lead to guiltless cooking, preparing slightly better meals that are satisfying and catered to my specific likes.  In the past, I've eaten my lonely feelings with mounds of pasta, or bad processed foods during these times.  But switching it up has been a game changer. 

Steak Ranchero with Eggs
This might be the ultimate Biggie girl breakfast, topping ham and eggs and omelets.  A thick juicy fried steak topped with a spicy pepper and tomato sauce and the delicate poached eggs there to add richness.  You need flour tortillas with this to sop up all the goodness.  The full meal would include beans and rice but that might just send me into orbit.

Fire breathing dragon in a cornfield

Bad weather always seems to hit when he's gone too but fortunately, this time everything fizzled out before it hit land. 

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