Monday, December 3, 2018

Baby, You're No Good

Potato Corn Chowder
I'm writing this over a month of trying out this new herbal supplement for anxiety and stress, while improving energy.  Sounded great and they actually were pretty amazing for like 3 weeks.  I felt a burst of fresh creative energy and woke up around 5am without any struggle.  So that was obviously new.  I didn't just wake but I wrote and did yoga without whining.  I didn't feel sleepy midday nor need a nap. That was almost worth the whole experience.  It sort of died down and eventually flattened out entirely.  Then I started feeling nausea all the time and lost my appetite which is also new.  I'm going to discontinue use.  I get migraines. I don't need more nonsense.  I'm looking for help not more problems.  But darn it I really had high hopes for this stuff.  

This potato corn chowder with a chopped ham steak was everything I needed though and even though it will too go away, I would highly recommend whipping up a pot of this original recipe posted on Creamy Ham Potato Chowder. 
I used Almond Milk and Yogurt instead of sour cream, however I'm not opposed to going for the full fat.  This is a full meal.  Crusty bread would be ideal but again, trying to stay away from migraine inducing bread.  So go for the bacon and green onion topping because if you want to talk about something that automatically releases serotonin.  Have you even been sad while eating bacon?

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