Friday, July 28, 2017

Electric Word Life It Means Forever and That's a Mighty Long Time

Today, all day I kept thinking of my friend who passed months ago.  He just kept popping into my thoughts.  It was nothing specific, just his laugh or how he used to bother me - small bubbles of memory. As I was watching a movie later that night, he appeared in a scene as if he came back on purpose just to give a little wink.  I have run across him before but to have thought of him prior, makes the happenstance a little more incredible.  People die and no one knows for sure but many believe the spirit can come back or linger.  They may be capable of giving you little signs, to convey a proper goodbye or make sure you're okay.  But who is it really?  The easiest answer would be it's us forging our own reality.  I was drawn to that movie because subconsciously I had seen him before in that scene and wanted to see him again. Maybe that's true.  Maybe these signs are always out there it's us who have our blinders on just trying to get through our days and not paying attention to the universe. Very likely.  The more complicated and interesting theory would be it's really them.  Problematic because in our reality, they no longer exist.  We sent them back to God.  My gut opinion has always been a part of them never dies.  You could call it their spirit.  Or energy.  Or mass consciousness. That's a whole book of conversations right there.
But if we are to believe John's spirit still has some of his personality and history connected to it, then that is super exciting.  Because we understand consciousness uses individual brains as a host. But if a brain stops, then one imagines the spirit leaving it capable of taking anything with it?  And the answer seems to be yes!  I've tried to keep up with all the new science that everything in the universe is indeed connected somehow.  But comprehending quantum physics and mechanics is a little outside of my capabilities.  However, it's not that different listening to scientists try to explain it to the layman and the psychedelic drug conversations of yesteryear.  If you focus, you can take that mental ride pretty far in understanding deep concepts.  If we're all connected and God is everywhere and in every thing, and consciousnesses is not the brain itself, but is capable of holding some of it's old host's make up, then its not far fetched that portions of that mass knowledge could manifest itself into apparitions, perhaps manipulate occurrences, move objects, etcetera.  Hell, what couldn't it do is probably the question.
I lost my brother recently and sometimes I talk to him, just throw things out there because I want him to know stuff about me or thoughts I've had about him.  Part of me really hopes he can hear it.  Other times though, I've considered conjuring him for a purpose.  Really making an effort to call him out.  I would know if I felt his presence.  I have bigger questions now.  Mainly I want to be connected to him in some way because I didn't get to love him enough, before he left us. I told him in cards what I thought of him and apologized for being a shit sister, but I was always so curious about much of his life, wanted to hear his stories.  Afraid to pry, as he was very private.  Being reserved myself I wanted to be very respectful.   Even now, I don't want to bother him.  I figure there may be lots to do up there, what with getting to know all the ins and outs of the after life.
Similarly all day I sort of knew I was going to make Summer Squash boats but then had to figure out the steps to make it true.   These food plans don't happen necessarily during conscious effort, it's more between thoughts where my recipes are made.
For Chris's wifey:

2 large summer squash
chicken sausage
black olives
organic feta cheese
bread crumbs
minced garlic 
1/4 sweet onion diced small
olive oil

  • Preheat oven to 350
  • Cut and gut the squash boats, salt and pepper them generously, spray with olive oil and put in over for about 20 minutes.  Don't throw out the guts, chop them up for the filling.
  • In the meantime cook your sausage in a pan with garlic and onions until done.
  • Chop up your black olives, finger shred your feta and combine everything in a bowl, except bread crumbs.
  • You're ready to fill your boats - scoop in your filling, top with bread crumbs and spray with more olive oil.  Put back in oven for about 15 more minutes.  Done.

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