Wednesday, March 22, 2017

You Are an Obsession

Once in awhile I'll obsess on the potato and just how great it can be in the right situation.  This is that setting.  It came to me like my best ideas do, on the bike ride home.  Ground beef, corn, Yukon gold potatoes, green bell pepper cooked in a chicken broth then flash flooded with a huge heaping of freshly blended roasted tomatillo hot sauce.
At the end, a squeeze of lime and some fresh cilantro and a touch of grated Manchego cheese. This came together like an automatic classic.  If you could be in love with a quirky soup, this is your girl.


Yukon potatoes
Green bell pepper
Sweet Vidalia Onion
ground beef
chicken broth
homemade tomatillo salsa verde
S & P

Cook it up, bring it together, let it mingle - make it yours.

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