Saturday, March 4, 2017

Hungry for Stink

Got a huge bag of dried shiitake caps from brother in law's farm.!  Exciting!
 I very loosely followed this Jamie Oliver recipe but instead used mainly dried.  Amazing earthy food wonderment.  Tastes like you're eating purity.  Tastes like a world you want to live in.  Pungent little things too.
Jamie suggests dribbling a little mix of lemon juice, zest, salt and pepper and I added a nice Extra Virgin Olive Oil to that. Great idea! Like a flavor booster.  For P's I also grated some Romano cheese over top and some toasted Health Bread slices.
Mushroom liquor! At least that's what the hipsters call it.  Stock, for you L7s.

Diner breakfast early that morning in Carroll Gardens and a very brisk walk to go do an errand.  Used to be you could eat a huge breakfast at a diner for super cheap and now they want 9$ for a half-assed plate like this.  I don't get that.

New full building street art

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