Tuesday, December 29, 2015

I Was Slippin' Into Darkness

This was better than it looks.  Polenta Squares topped with good tasting olive oil, tomatoes, roasted chicken sausage, mushrooms and just a little cheese.  
The potato medallions were the best, pan sauteed and splashed with vinegar, salt and pepper.  It was especially fun to keep saying potata medALLions, as Christoper Walken might repeat it. Potata MedALLions.  You must try it!!!
I love days that look like this.  A day to be yourself.  Something about a grey day that seems to take away all the pressures and pretenses that exist in bright sunny gorgeous days.
Sometimes once the pressure is lifted, humor and fun ideas more easily come to me.  It's like stars aligning.  This is when new dinners can come from old familiar ingredients and players.

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