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Like it says, this is all about what I eat and wanna eat and all that. But also, its about what I choose to buy and make based on my tiny retail salary, for New York anyway. And with food prices continually on the rise a girl must be much craftier these days. The budget presents a challenge and also makes me think on my feet more because I don't have the luxury of deciding ahead of time most weeks what I'll make. I venture out to my neighborhood grocery store, which is PathMark on Atlantic Avenue here in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn and based on loose ideas, I'll try to come up with 3 or 4 fun dishes to experiment with and write about.

I don't include recipes unless I'm sharing one that I found or made myself and feel it should be highlighted. I just feel there are a million blogs and sites with good recipes out there already. I don't usually follow recipes anyway, just get an idea of what they were going for, what's in the dish and then do my own thing. However, I'll follow recipes when I have no idea what I'm doing, like working with unfamiliar foods or attempting a type of cooking like Thai or baked goods.

I am eating healthier and doing what I can to keep up with the flood of new information about food ingredients, labels, industry tricks and lies.  But in the end, because I'm no genius, I just try to eat what looks good and fresh and stay away from processed food as much as possible.  I'm not entirely gluten free although I suffer from migraines and have changed my diet in that way as well, to avoid triggers and it's helped me tremendously.  As much as possible I avoid nitrates, MSG, white flour products, most aged cheese, wheat, fermented foods, chewing gum and saturated fats.

A huge part of the blog is also about my life here in Brooklyn, family, friends and the day to day grind.  I see how food relates to what's happening and is reflected in the dish many times.  I'll share short stories about my past and present and how that all also ties into music lyrics from songs we've heard over and over through the years, classic rock, soul and funk molding our lives.  This is my tiny kitchen and the best one I've had in all my rental apartments so far because this is where I really learned to appreciate the art of cooking.

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