Thursday, December 28, 2023

It Won't Be Long Til Happiness Steps Up to Greet Me

Leftover Casserole
A leftover turkey casserole layering stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, shredded turkey and cheese.  This was incredibly satisfying and after cooling a bit, settled and cut into nice slices that could be served with extra gravy, like an after Christmas, Thanksgiving Lasagna, if you will.  This was an excellent way to use much of the leftover stuffing, something I always have too much of.  It would be good to add a bag of frozen vegetables to one of the layers, like peas, corn or spinach.  It's super filling so one slice is enough but it was also great for lunch box meals and I was able to freeze portions for a rainy day. 

Rains have replaced snow storms this year and the water was the highest I've seen when I checked the area behind work, even flooded a bit in Red Hook.

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