Sunday, December 3, 2023

I Forgot to Be Your Lover

Keep that fire burnin' girl!
Zuppa Toscana Lightened
Original Olive Garden copycat recipe
This soup is perfect for a cold day because it gives all the feels.  Soft potatoes in rich chicken-y broth, sweet Italian sausage, tons of garlic, carrots, kale or spinach.  To lighten it up slightly,  I left out the bacon but used bacon fat to saute the vegetables. I also omitted the cup of heavy cream and opted for a lighter broth.  You can thicken up the soup by smashing the potatoes with your wooden spoon against the side of the pot.  No flavor is lost.  This soup is delicious!

The spinach is thrown in at the end just to wilt, but of course if using kale, put it in sooner.
During the winter we can forget to take care of our bodies.  We power through the holidays and all that comes with that.  Then we come back to ourselves, bloated, low energy and tired.  We have to keep finding ways to keep our spirits uplifted while remembering, our bodies are our dear companions and must be treated as a temple and wise sage. Most times they know best what is needed, even if we have other plans.  Lightening our meals definitely helps that cause.

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