Monday, November 13, 2017

Set Me Free Why Don't You Babe

I've taken mental days since I was 6.  I'll never regret doing anything I had to stay walking around this crazy world.  I am just as committed to life as the next person.  Like someone with a disability I even have to try harder then some just to stay in the game.  At times I have a limited supply of giddy up.  It always comes back and on full moons I have much more than my share.  I've learned to trust the balance and the shifts. 
The eats on these days usually reflect the emptiness but this at least showed some effort.  I did overcook the eggs and the potatoes weren't crisp the way I like them. Someone out there feasibly likes their eggs slightly overdone.  Another maybe prefers soft potatoes so I got it right just not for me.  The day probably worked just fine for most too but there wasn't enough good air for this gal.  I found the idea of getting on my bike and heading to work highly disagreeable, in fact downright unachievable.  The only way I could proceed with the week was to have these hours to recoup. Necessary.  Vital.  Quiet, calm liberty. 
These call outs are not spent lingering in my pool of sorrow.  Instead acknowledging and respecting the urgency for my own personal emotional downtime.  Someday perhaps studies will find that some folks aren't wired for the 5 day work week or constant scheduling and people like me will be loosened from these social shackles. 

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