Wednesday, August 7, 2013

You Know I'll Never Be Lonely

I'm not sure where this stems from exactly but I like to be rich in odd things like toilet paper and canned goods.  I'm not a hoarder per say but I do find security in keeping a solid supply of particular items. It provides an unsaid safe comfort when I can look and see a stock of canned beans in my pantry. So say if every single thing goes to shit as least I know I have a few cans of beans to eat before I die or everyone's ass is gonna get wiped if we got nothing else.  Sounds odd when you think it through.  This may come from being slightly poor growing up.  I don't remember having extra anything in our first house and most of my clothes were hand me downs from my sisters.  My socks always had holes in them and I remember my shoes always looking very worn. But that was also a sign of the times.  Kids weren't decked out like they are these days.  At that time in the 60's convenient products were just coming on the market.  There wasn't a lot of fluff let's just say.  You had what you needed and not much else.  A different time.  But even so, we were on the poor end of that spectrum too.  We were better off than my cousins that didn't have an indoor toilet.  I tried to keep that in mind.
Low sodium Turkey Spam was on sale this week so I got myself a bunch of cans to have in emergencies.  I had never tried it before this year but remembered some chef going on about its hundreds of uses and my sister had mentioned it as well.  This morning I made Spam hash with zucchini and potatoes.  I dropped my eggs over top and put the lid on to poach with a bit of melted cheddar cheese.  Eggscellent!
Garnished with green onions.  A true Mid Western nostalgic breakfast. 
I think it was good to grow up wanting.  Longing and lack-of inspires creativity and self sufficiency. It builds character and I'd like to believe maybe fashions true artists.   I feel sad for the kids growing up right now that don't actively use their imaginations throughout the day to generate fun and ideas, live through a world of dreams.  Maybe they do but just in a different way that I don't understand because now I'm one of those people saying things like 'you kids these days.....when I was little, blah blah...' 
Anyway this Low Sodium Turkey Spam will sit in my pantry as some freaky psychotic insurance and hopefully inspire tasty not yet invented clever dishes.

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